Fume extraction systems

Designed to improve the healthiness of the working environment, fume extraction systems are used to eliminate dust and processing fumes, according to criteria of reliability, efficiency and durability over time.

These are systems that must comply with current regulations on environmental protection and at the same time guarantee the well-being of workers, allowing an effective exchange of air in closed rooms.

To achieve such objectives, it is essential to use only certified raw materials of excellent quality, such as stainless steel, corten steel or galvanized sheet.

Each stage of assembly must then be carried out in a workmanlike manner by highly qualified personnel with extensive experience.

Each suction system must be made according to the directives 2006/42/CE which regulate the logistical conditions of the workplace.

In addition to the safety requirements, these systems are able to control the environmental situation even in closed contexts, where there is a certain density of people.

Thanks to many years of proven experience in the sector of industrial plant engineering, the company B.S. Impianti is able to offer the best professional services, also for the design of dust and fume extraction systems.

Importance of fume extraction systems

The quality of the working environment is undoubtedly the fundamental element that contributes to greater productivity and more effective work, for this very reason, current EC regulations impose the use of air purification and filtration systems.

These systems are used for all activities which during their production processes emit fumes, vapors and dust harmful to the health of workers and the environment.

The need therefore arises to carry out an adequate suction of these waste products deriving from the processing of various sectors.

A fume extraction system must be able to adapt to very different production contexts and to different needs, guaranteeing maximum efficiency in any case.

Furthermore, the structure of the system must be such as to guarantee simple and effective maintenance, given that the dust particles can easily settle along the walls.

Fume extraction systems: who to contact

In order to make the most of the suction and filtration systems, it is essential to turn to reliable, serious and competent companies, which use raw materials of excellent quality and approved in accordance with current regulations.

The suction can be direct or indirect depending on the positioning of the filter tubes, which must discharge the material very far from the suction point.

To obtain high-level performance, it is then necessary that the joints between the various pipes are made in a workmanlike manner without leaving any empty space from which toxic and polluting particles could escape.