Food plants

Thanks to the high experience in the sector, BS Impianti is at the side of all its customers in the design cycle of food plants. Starting from the drafting of the system, to then move on to the choice of instrumentation and, if necessary, also to the choice of components, up to the creation of the final assembly. All in continuous collaboration with the end customer.

Food plants: specialized personnel

The specialized BS Impianti staff, with the know-how and transversal skills gained in over 20 years of experience, is in fact able to design and build food plants for the processing, heat treatment and filling of food products.

Food plants: our company

Our company is able to automate all the intermediate phases of the entire project without ever excluding a design approach aimed at optimizing production costs and times throughout the activity in close harmony with the needs and/or requests of the customer. customer.

Over twenty years of experience in the sector means that the market can recognize us as a company with high knowledge and experience in everything related to the food plant sector, from design to construction.