Industrial technological systems

The technological systems created and designed directly by BS Impianti perform services that do not allow for inefficiencies or interruptions. On these types of systems, the customer must know that he can count on high standards of guarantee and functionality.

Industrial technological systems: type of systems

Thanks to the highly qualified staff, BS Impianti is able to offer an exclusive relationship with every possible interlocutor without ever losing sight of the assumptions of continuous reliability and cost-effectiveness. The company can offer skills and manufacturing capabilities for plants of:

methane gas storage and distribution.
production and distribution of compressed air.
production and distribution of technological steam.
production and distribution of industrial water.
treatment, filtration and reverse osmosis water softening.
absolute filtration of the air (for clean rooms and/or sterile environments).
Diathermic oil systems.
Plants for the food industry.
suction of dust and particles deriving from mechanical processes.
press cooling.
We also guarantee careful maintenance, periodic checks and prompt intervention which contribute to increasing the reliability, safety and duration of the Industrial Technological systems.